Everything a Child Should Know about God

Taylor, Kenneth N.; Brake, Jenny

A systematic theology for kids. Introduces who God is and what he has done in history in terms a 3 year old can understand and anyone can benefit from. A delightful, beautifully illustrated hardcover edition that features clear questions and answers on each page. This is one of the best early childhood resources we know of to "train up your child in the way they should go."

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Product Description

Help your child discover the wonders of biblical truths in simple terms our child can understand. Dr. Kenneth Taylor explains in child–friendly language the essential Bible truths you want your child to know. He tells children about God’s creation of the world, why Jesus came to earth, how the Holy Spirit helps us, and so much more! Give the child you love the greatest gift of all – a deeper understanding of God.

Designed for ages 3–6

Westminster Bookstore Note: This book contains cartoon or artistic images of Jesus. There are many people in our constituency who, in a sincere effort to honor the second commandment, refrain from the use of any kind of drawings or pictures of Jesus, even if not intended for a worship context. Out of respect for those who take this position, we have sought to add a note to books in our children’s category which have drawings or depictions of Jesus so that they can factor that into their buying decisions, as they would if they could inspect the books physically.

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