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Finding God in the Ordinary

Hibbs, Pierce Taylor

“In the greatness of God, the smallest of things is given tremendous weight.” Can light on a window shade, or a passerby’s “Good Morning” give us cause to worship? With wisdom, brevity, and whimsy, Pierce draws out the glories of creation as found in the mundane and commonplace.

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We tend to look for God in the grand and spectacular, but most of our lives are filled with ordinary moments and routines: drinking coffee, reading a book, driving to work. Can we find God in the banalities of everyday life? In Finding God in the Ordinary, the author shows that we can, and that we must. Our world is not an ordinary world. Because it was spoken into being and maintained by the word of God's power (Heb 1:3), everything around us is always revealing the nature and character of the triune God. Our world is extraordinarily ordinary, always calling our attention to the God of glory and his work in the commonplace.

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