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Marie Durand (Christian Biographies for Young Readers)

Carr, Simonetta

A moving story of God’s faithfulness toward an ordinary believer in the midst of persecution. When she was just a young woman, Marie Durand was imprisoned for her brother’s work as a pastor. Young readers will learn about Marie’s faith and the cost of religious conviction in 18th Century France. Lovingly illustrated and brimming with fascinating history.

Product Description

In 1730, nineteen-year-old Marie Durand was arrested and taken from her home in a village in Southern France for the crime of having a brother who was a Protestant preacher. Imprisoned in the Tower of Constance, Marie would spend the next thirty-eight years there. Simonetta Carr introduces us to the inspiring life of a woman who could have recanted her Protestant faith and gained release, but held fast to the truth and encouraged others to do so as well. Beautiful illustrations, a simply told story, and interesting facts acquaint young readers with the challenges facing Protestants in eighteenth-century France and show them that even a life spent in prison can be lived in service to Christ and others.

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