Blog Partners Program Terms & FAQ

IMPORTANT: By registering to the Blog Partners Program you agree to the terms and conditions on this page.


Eligibility Requirements 

Any non-commercial website that belongs to you (i.e., you have full control of its contents) is eligible. Non-commercial means that it does not have as its primary purpose selling of goods or services.

Westminster Bookstore reserves the right to decline registration for this program of any website that the bookstore staff determines, for any reason, to be inappropriate or at odds with the aims and purposes of the bookstore and/or Westminster Theological Seminary and to withdraw that eligibility at any time.


Legitimate Referral Links 

Blog partners are expected to provide legitimate referrals. By legitimate we mean visitors to your website naturally clicking on links to the bookstore. Repeated click-throughs by you or by any others who are attempting to artificially to increase your referral count will be considered click fraud and result in your dismissal from the program.

* Please don't hesitate to test your own links after creating them to make sure they work properly. Thats just good practice, and we will count such tests as legitimate clicks.


Give-aways and Competitions 

Blog partners may not use their tracking code to generate referrals in a give-away or competition. (You are welcome to donate gift certificates you've earned.)


Inactive Accounts

Any blog partner website that has had no referral activity for at least three successive months may be deactivated. We will always notify you by email prior to deactivation.


Closing your Account

If you decide for any reason that you no longer wish to participate in the program, inform us by email ( We will close your account and, if you have a balance of $5 or more, send you a final payout.


Changes to the Blog Partners Program and Termination

This program may be discontinued or altered at the discretion of Westminster Bookstore. Registered participants will be notified in advance of any changes to the structure and requirements of the program.

In the event the program should be discontinued, any referrals up to the announced date of discontinuation will be added to your total, and if you have a balance of $5 or more, a final payout will be made.


How do I earn rewards?

Create links on your blog or website using a special tracking code we will give you. Links can be made either directly to our stores main page (, or to any of our products or product categories. See our How To page for instructions on creating these links and some ideas on how to use them effectively. When a visitor to your website clicks one of these links you will be credited with a referral.

Can I register more than one blog?

You may register as many websites as are under your personal ownership. Referrals from all sites under your name and email address will be aggregated to count toward one awards total each month.

Is it OK if my website participates in other non-WTSBOOKS reward or incentive programs?

Yes. Participation in other programs (such as Amazon Affiliate) has no bearing on your eligibility.

How do I know how much I've earned?

At the beginning of each month you will receive a report by email letting you know how many referrals you have accumulated during the previous month and what amount you have earned. Any balance that has not met the minimum payout requirement of$50 will be carried over to the next month. Your referrals keep accumulating until you have enough for a payout.

How do I receive my rewards, and how do I use them?

Your earned rewards will come in the form of a Westminster Gift Certificate, which will be sent to the email address with which you registered. These certificates may be used online at our store. When using your gift certificate online, enter the code exactly as shown (case sensitive) in the Gift Certificate field of the payment page when checking out. Do not use the Coupon Code field.

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