Puritan Portraits: J.I. Packer on Selected Classic Pastors and Pastoral Classics

Packer, J. I.

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Listen to a 8-part class by J. I. Packer entitled English Puritan Theology. (Requires a free account at Westminster Theological Seminary).

Here one of the leading authorities on the Puritans, J. I. Packer introduces us to their rich theology and deep spirituality. Packer gives us profiles of John Flavel, Thomas Boston, John Bunyan, Matthew Henry, Henry Scougal, John Owen and Stephen Charnock and two closer portraits of William Perkins and Richard Baxter. The writings of the Puritans continue to profoundly reward readers and here J. I. Packer brings them alive in an inspiring way to encourage a new generation to experience their delights.

188 Pages
Published November 2012

About the Author

Jim Packer was named by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals alive. He is the Board of Governor’s Professor of Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Canada and has written many books, including Knowing God and 18 Words.

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