Sexual Sanity for Men: Re-Creating Your Mind in a Crazy Culture

White, David

Be equipped for freedom from relational and sexual brokenness by the gospel of the Savior. Concerned with much more than simply putting a stop to sinful behavior, this life-changing book hinges on building deeper relationships with Christ within the context of the church. An excellent gospel-centered resource for group study.

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Listen to a sermon by David White from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 entitled Sex and the Allegiance of Your Heart.
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Written for Christian men struggling with any form of sexual brokenness, this resource helps men understand that sexual sin starts in their minds and hearts and shows them how knowing Christ breaks their chains, builds spiritual brotherhood, and helps them take practical steps to re–create their minds in a God–focused direction. The accompanying Leader’s Guide is available in an eBook format.

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