A Company of Heroes: Portraits from the Gospel's Global Advance
A Company of Heroes: Portraits from the Gospel's Global Advance
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A Company of Heroes: Portraits from the Gospel's Global Advance

Keesee, Tim

Across the globe, the gospel is advancing through the work of Christians willing to risk everything in the hardest places. This book, written by a missions journalist as he traveled throughout twenty different countries, is filled with stories of Christians past and present whose examples of endurance, courage, sacrifice, and humility connect readers with God's unstoppable work across the world. These heroes are simply ordinary people who have experienced the transformative power of a Savior who is alive and moving--and their stories will inspire readers to take faith-filled risks for the gospel.

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Table of Contents:

Foreword (Tim Challies)


1. Facing Fear: Sayid, Aaron, and Jillian (North Africa)

2. The Glory of the Cross: Samuel Zwemer (Bahrain and Jerusalem)

3. The Character for Bravery: Mei Li (China)

4. Mercy. Multiplied.: Michael Alemu (Ethiopia)

5. A Hero in the Battle of Life: Carl Keesee (Danville, Virginia)

6. Rise and Fight Again: Ivan and Oksana (Central Asia)

7. Shepherds: Danny Brooks (Salt Lake City, Utah)

8. Torn Curtain: Roger Weil (London and Leningrad)

9. White Rose: Dollie Jones Keesee (Danville, Virginia)

10. Cell 44: Georgi Vins (Soviet Union)

11. Martyrdom of Faithful: Gayle and Cheryl (Afghanistan)

12. Incurable Optimism: Dave and Gloria (Arabian Peninsula)

13. “He Showed Them His Hands”: Jakob (Syria and Armenia)

14. Things as They Are: Amy Carmichael and William Carey (India)

15. The Broken Sword: Jon Wesley and Sarah (Indonesia)

16. Aslan Is on the Move: Micah and Katie (Oxford, England)

17. End of the Road: J. D. Crowley (Cambodia, Laos)



Tim Keesee is the founder and executive director of Frontline Missions International, which has served to advance the gospel in some of the world’s most difficult places for over twenty-five years. He has traveled to more than eighty countries, reporting on the church from the former Iron Curtain countries to war-torn Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Keesee is the executive producer of the DVD documentary series Dispatches from the Front. Learn more at frontlinemissions.info.