A Reformation Debate
A Reformation Debate
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  • 138 Pages
  • Publisher : Baker Book House
  • Publication Date : August 2000

A Reformation Debate

Calvin, John

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In 1539 Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto, Bishop of Carpentras, France, sent a letter to the magistrates and citizens of Geneva asking them to return to the Catholic faith. A few months later, John Calvin replied to Sadoleto, defending the Protestant reforms.

The letters of Calvin and Sadoleto comprise one of the most interesting exchanges of Catholic-Protestant views of the Reformation era. Together, they form an excellent introduction to the great religious controversy of the sixteenth century and important background for todays Protestant-Catholic conversations.

138 Pages
Published August 2000

About the Editor: John C. Olin was Professor Emeritus of History at Fordham University.