A Workbook for New Testament Syntax
A Workbook for New Testament Syntax
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  • 192 Pages
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Publication Date : July 2007

A Workbook for New Testament Syntax

Daniel B. Wallace and Grant G. Edwards

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Daniel B. Wallace's groundbreaking books Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament and Basics of New Testament Syntax have become the standard textbooks among colleges and seminaries for teaching New Testament Greek syntax. This workbook, designed to accompany both books, presents a dynamic approach to learning Greek syntax. Instead of simply learning syntax in single-verse snippets, students are exposed to all of the major syntactical categories in exegetically and theologically significant passages.



192 Pages
Published July 2007

About the Author

Daniel B. Wallace (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a noted textual critic, serving as head of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, and is author of Greek Grammar beyond the Basics, Basics of New Testament Syntax, and (with Grant Edwards) of A Workbook for New Testament Syntax. SPANISH BIO: Dr. Daniel B. Wallace (B.A., Biola University, 1975; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1979; Ph.D., 1995), su libro didactico de gramatica griega intermedia es usado en dos tercios de las escuelas que ensenan esta materia en la nacion. Es editor principal del Nuevo Testamento en NET Bible, co-editor de NET-Nestle Greek-English diglot y fundador del centro para el estudio de los manuscritos del Nuevo Testamento.

Grant Edwards (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) is presently doing graduate work in New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary.