Art of Man-Fishing: How to Reach the Lost
Art of Man-Fishing: How to Reach the Lost
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  • 96 Pages
  • Publisher : Christian Focus
  • Publication Date : November 2012

Art of Man-Fishing: How to Reach the Lost

Boston, Thomas

This short meditation on Matthew 4:19 that can be read in an afternoon has been encouraging believers to share the gospel for the more than 200 years. Whether you are just beginning in the ministry, or have decades of experience, these prayerful insights will points you to the ministry of Christ himself for a picture of effective evangelism.
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A clear and vigorous challenge to preachers and laymen to remain persistent in sharing the gospel with unsaved people. The book is split in two parts:

  1. The promise of duty. How does Christ make men 'fishers of men'? Why are unconverted men compared to fish under water? In what ways are ministers fishers by office?
  2. How may I come by this art? What following Christ supposes and implies? In which way is Christ to be followed?

This is a classic explanation of the Puritan approach to evangelism that is also an encouragement for anyone explaining the gospel to someone else.