Behind a Frowning Providence
Behind a Frowning Providence
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  • 32 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : June 1998

Behind a Frowning Providence

Murray, John J.

Where do you stand with God when bad things happen? Although we claim to understand that grief, sorrow and suffering are a natural part of life it seems our instinctive reaction to pain is fear and confusion. An experienced pastor and counselor, Murray offers wise, illuminating answers to these gloomy questions by focusing on the attributes of God and the power of faith to triumph over darkness.
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Sorrow and suffering are unavoidable facts of life. but in our modern society they are so deeply feared that few of us ever think or talk seriously about them. Occasionally we may see someone show great faith in the face of severe trials, and yet never ask how that faith comes about.

Behind a Frowning Providence talks openly about these things. It shows why faith is able to triumph in the face of all obstacles: it is focused on God’s character and his promises to his people.

John J. Murray writes out of his years of experience as a Christian minister and counsellor, using the wisdom of God’s Word to give guidance and direction. But Behind a Frowning Providence also bears the marks of a precious stone, quarried from the deep and dark places of the author’s own experience of pain and sorrow. It speaks to the mind, giving wise counsel; it also speaks to the heart, and brings a message of encouragement which points to the way of true peace.