Compassion, Leader's Manual (Bethesda Series)
Compassion, Leader's Manual (Bethesda Series)
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  • Publication Date : 2014

Compassion, Leader's Manual (Bethesda Series)

Miller, Jill A.

A deeply scriptural, interactive curriculum designed with adults with intellectual disabilities in mind. Borne out of a desire to see the truth of God’s Word taught to all people regardless of circumstance, this series exposes students to sometimes challenging concepts in simple, engaging ways.
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Compassion is at the very center of Jesus' being—it is the main way that he relates to people. Jesus shows compassion by incarnating, by stepping into other people’s shoes. It is an entirely different way of approaching people—one that begins by looking.

This leader's manual provides flexible teaching plans for use with young adults/adults affected by disabilities. Through stories, illustrations, and activities, this curriculum will help learners apply biblical truths to daily life.

Includes a Quick Start Guide
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