Body, Soul and Life Everlasting
Body, Soul and Life Everlasting
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Body, Soul and Life Everlasting

Cooper, John W.

A clear, well-argued defense of a mind-body dualism, founded in Scripture. | Through careful exegesis and theological reflection, John Cooper evaluates the validity of the historical Church's beliefs on anthropology. A valuable resource for theologians and philosophers alike.
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This widely acclaimed study of biblical anthropology is available once more along with a substantial new preface by the author. Fully engaged with theological, philosophical, and scientific discussions on the nature of human persons and their destiny beyond the grave, John Cooper’s defense of “holistic dualism” remains the most satisfying and biblical response to come from the monism-dualism debate. First published in 1989, Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting is required reading for Christian philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and students interested in the mind-body question.
Body, Soul and Life Everlasting