By Faith: Sermons on Hebrews 11
By Faith: Sermons on Hebrews 11
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  • 712 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : May 2000

By Faith: Sermons on Hebrews 11

Manton, Thomas

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The outstanding preaching ministry of Thomas Manton was exercised first at Stoke Newington from 1644, then from 1656 in one of the leading Puritan churches in London, St. Paul’s, Covent Garden. The extent of his pulpit labours is shown by the fact that the twenty-two volumes of the standard 19th century edition of his works consist almost entirely of sermons. The present volume containing sixty-five sermons on Hebrews 11:1-31 illustrates the author’s ‘clear and succinct opening of gospel mysteries and close application to the conscience’ (from the letter To the Reader). Here the great theme of faith in action shines before the reader like many-faceted jewel.