Christian Apologetics, 2nd ed.
Christian Apologetics, 2nd ed.
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  • 208 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : 2003

Christian Apologetics, 2nd ed.

Van Til, Cornelius

Van Til changed the way we think about apologetics. This helpfully annotated edition from Bill Edgar is an illuminating introduction to his method. Intended for students of apologetics, this book is based on his syllabus of the course that he taught for many years at Westminster Theological Seminary. It has been an influence to countless pastors, theologians, and philosophers.
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Product Description:

All students of apologetics should read at least one book by arguably the most important apologist of the twentieth century: Cornelius Van Til. The single best point of entry into Van Til's writings is Christian Apologetics.

Here Van Til presents the underpinnings of his uniquely biblical approach. He shows how Christian apologetics is rooted in a unified system of scriptural truth, a worldview that encompasses all spheres of knowledge. Noting the ultimate conflict between Christian and non-Christian systems, Van Til sets forth a method of argument that centers on an all-important, biblically defined point of contact with the unbeliever.

In this the first typeset edition, William Edgar sheds light on Van Til's approach by adding a new introduction and explanatory notes.