Complete Literary Guide to the Bible
Complete Literary Guide to the Bible
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  • Publisher : Zondervan

Complete Literary Guide to the Bible

Ryken, Leland

Expand your knowledge of the literary nature of God’s word. Much more than a miscellany of observations on literary theory, the intent of this collection is to transform the reader’s analysis and interpretation of scripture - to grow in awe at the “story of all things.”
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The aim of Complete Literary Guide to the Bible, edited by Leland Ryken and Tremper Longman III is to insure consistency in method and scope with a view to integrating literary and biblical studies. The book has four parts: The Bible as Literature, The Literature of the Old Testament, the Literature of the New Testament, the Literary Influence of the Bible.

List of Contributers:

Leland Ryken
Tremper Longman III
Fredrick Buechner
John Sailhamer
Wilson G. Baroody (deceased)
William F. Gentrup
Kenneth R.R. Gros Louis
Nancy Tischler
V. Philips Long
Michael Hagan
Richard L. Pratt, Jr.
Douglas Green
Wilma McClarty
Jerry A. Gladson
Raymond C. Van Leeouwen
G. Lloyd Carr
Richard Patterson
James H. Sims
Branson L. Woodard, Jr.
Amberys R. Whittle
John H. Augustine
Michael Travers
Marianne Meye Thompson
John W. Sider
Carey C. Newman
William G. Doty
Chaim Potak
Gene Warren Doty
Sidney Greidanus