Confident of Better Things
Confident of Better Things
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  • Publisher : Committee for the Hist of OPC
  • Publication Date : June 2011

Confident of Better Things

Muether, John; Olinger, Danny

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Publisher's Description

John Muether and Danny Olinger's Confident of Better Things is an offering of thanksgiving to God for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church on her seventy-fifth anniversary. In the spirit of its predecessor, Pressing Toward the Mark (1986), this anthology collects diverse voices in the church as it seeks to assess the convictions and struggles of this small manifestation of the visible church.

Contributors include

  • Mark T. Bube
  • Gary W. Davenport
  • William D. Dennison
  • Bryan D. Estelle
  • J. V. Fesko
  • Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.
  • Mark A. Garcia
  • James S. Gidley
  • W. Robert Godfrey
  • John R. Muether
  • Richard A. Muller
  • Robert B. Needham
  • Stephen J. Oharek
  • Danny E. Olinger
  • Thomas R. Patete
  • Ronald E. Pearce
  • Gregory E. Reynolds
  • Jack W. Sawyer
  • Roger W. Schmurr
  • John S. Shaw
  • Alan D. Strange
  • Robert B. Strimple
  • Lane G. Tipton
  • Stephen J. Tracey
  • A. Craig Troxel
  • Thomas E. Tyson