Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse
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  • 300 Pages
  • Publisher : Spring Arbor Distributors
  • Publication Date : 2003

Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Langberg, Diane

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“I believe that unless therapy is both incarnational and redemptive, in process and in purpose, we who call ourselves counselors will fail to bring to our clients true life as embodied in the person of Christ.” - Dr. Diane Langberg

If you have been called to walk alongside a survivor of sexual abuse, this book will help you understand:

  • the nature of human suffering
  • the power of God to redeem
  • the grace of God to use us in the healing process

This book will equip you to:

  • help survivors feel safe
  • help survivors face the truth
  • help survivors reclaim their bodies
  • help survivors recreate their lives
  • keep yourself fit for the battle of joining in the suffering of others

It includes special chapters about:

  • dissociative disorder
  • false memory syndrome
  • male survivors
  • the impact of trauma on the therapist
  • how the church can help survivors