Courage: Fighting Fear with Fear
Courage: Fighting Fear with Fear
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  • 299 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : February 2014

Courage: Fighting Fear with Fear

Mack, Wayne A.; Mack, Joshua

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Throughout the Bible we are told to fear God, but our lives show where our true fears lie. Sinful, controlling fear paralyzes us spiritually: we're afraid to obey or trust God in the circumstances that scare us, and we care more about what others think of us than what God thinks.

We need to embrace the fear that is good for us. By learning how the fear of God drives out all other fears, we lay a strong foundation for courage in every situation.

With writing space for personal responses, this book can be used for individual growth and development, for group study, or for homework assignments for those in counseling.

Foreword by Jerry Bridges