Covenant and Salvation: Union With Christ
Covenant and Salvation: Union With Christ
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Covenant and Salvation: Union With Christ

Horton, Michael Scott

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Staff Review: As the third volume of Horton's series on covenant theology, this volume is perhaps of special interest because it is most clearly focused on issues surrounding soteriology " issues such as law and gospel, imputation, justification, union with Christ, ordo solutis, etc. Consistent with the rest of the series, Horton seeks to develop the implications of a classic Reformed understanding of covenant with reference to these issues and in conversation with various modern streams of thought. I found this format engaging and educational, and appreciated many of his insights, especially in regard to imputation, law and gospel, and glorification. However, I thought his presentation of union with Christ and justification could have been nuanced further so as to do justice to its use in Calvin and Reformed theology. Read the rest of this review >>>

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Following Covenant and Eschatology and Lord and Servant, this concluding volume of a four-part series examines Christian salvation from the perspective of covenant theology. In Covenant and Salvation, Michael Horton surveys law and gospel, union with Christ, and justification and theosis, conversing with both classical and contemporary viewpoints.