The Doctrine of God (Contours of Christian Theology)
The Doctrine of God (Contours of Christian Theology)
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  • 281 Pages
  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date : July 1993

The Doctrine of God (Contours of Christian Theology)

Bray, Gerald

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What is theology? What is the nature of God? How should we think about the relationships among the persons of the Trinity? In a carefully reasoned style Gerald Bray distills the essence of these questions and introduces readers to a theological understanding of the personal, trinitarian existence of God.

Engaging classical and contemporary theology along the way, Bray also leads us into conversation with the Eastern Orthodox tradition, where he finds valuable insights sadly neglected by evangelical theology.

Here is a substantial introduction to the nature and subject of God, and a compelling call for evangelicals to renew their commitment to the solid foundation of a truly trinitarian theology.