Early Church
Early Church
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  • 320 Pages
  • Publisher : Penguin Group
  • Publication Date : October 1993

Early Church

Chadwick, Henry

A rare instance of readability and scholarly achievement combined to illuminate early church doctrine and heresy for the student and general reader. Paying special attention to the ancient church’s proximity to Judaism, this initial installment in The Penguin History of the Church helpfully preserves narrative flow while avoiding speculation in a notoriously difficult era of study.
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This first volume of the penguin history of the church looks at the beginning of the Christian movement during the first centuries AD and at the explosive force of its expansion throughout the Roman world. Drawing on recent historical research, Professor Henry Chadwock shows how Christianity had its roots in a synthesis of contemporary ideas and beliefs, and analyses the causes of its persecution under Diocletian, the fanaticism of its martyrs and its bitter internal controversies. The conversion of Constantine and the edict of Theodosius meant that the church had to reconcile its spiritual duties with a new, worldly role as an "established church" for good government throughout the empire, and Professor Chadwick completes his history by demonstrating how this conflict of responsiblilties led to the emergence of the papacy and the monastic movement, the twin pillars of Christianity in the Middle Ages.

320 Pages
Published October 1993

About the Author

Reverend Henry Chadwick is a former Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, and has been a Regius Professor at both Oxford and Cambridge. He is also an ordained Anglican priest.