Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything
Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything
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  • 196 Pages
  • Publisher : Credo House
  • Publication Date : January 2012

Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything

DeWitt, Steve

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Publisher's Description

Why do I enjoy __________ so much?

We all enjoy so many things in this world. Eyes Wide Open will help you understand God’s purposes for our joy and wonder. In this book, pastor and author Steve DeWitt guides you on your personal journey toward enjoying God in everything.

If you love the outdoors, art, food, sports, sunsets, coffee, mountains, or anything else, Eyes Wide Open enriches these experiences by turning them toward their created purpose. This is a book about our beautiful God who designed our craving for beauty to lead us back to Him.

Includes reflection and discussion questions for small group or individual study.