Faith Once Delivered: Essays in Honor of Dr. Wayne R. Spear
Faith Once Delivered: Essays in Honor of Dr. Wayne R. Spear
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  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company

Faith Once Delivered: Essays in Honor of Dr. Wayne R. Spear

Selvaggio, Anthony T. (editor)

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P&R;’s series The Westminster Assembly and the Reformed Faith is being published in cooperation with Westminster Theological Seminary’s Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards. Series Editor is Carl A. Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Faculty Recommendation: The Faith Once Delivered is a splendid collection of scholarly essays on matters of immense importance to Christianity in general and to Reformed Christians in particular. These studies appropriately honor Prof. Wayne Spear at his retirement. They also belong in the library of every serious student of theology. - Peter A. Lillback, President, Westminster Theological Seminary.

Contributors include (WTS associated in bold) Richard Gaffin, Carl Trueman, Joel Beeke, R. Scott Clark, David McKay, C. J. Williams, Rowland Ward, Anthony Selvaggio, Richard Gamble, D. G. Hart, and Jerry O’Neill.

Publisher Description:

“This volume is a celebration of Reformed systematic theology,” writes Anthony Selvaggio, the volume editor. It is the inaugural volume in the series The Westminster Assembly and the Reformed Faith, which examines the history, theology, and legacy of the Westminster Assembly.

“In this book the reader will be exposed to the theological topics at the core of Westminster’s theology,” Selvaggio explains, “topics such as justification, adoption, the kingship of Christ, the doctrine of Scripture, the Lord’s Day, covenant theology, the atonement, and Christian liberty.”

He adds, “This volume is also a celebration of the teaching career of Dr. Wayne R. Spear, who taught systematic theology at the REformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for over thirty years . . . it is fitting to honor him with a collection of essays that touch on some of the great themes and theology of the Westminster Confession of Faith.”