Genesis: A Commentary
Genesis: A Commentary
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  • Publisher : Zondervan

Genesis: A Commentary

Waltke, Bruce K.

Remarkable biblical scholarship combined with thought-provoking interpretation. Waltke’s award-winning, educated insight into the structure and construction of the inspired text are welcome illuminations. Thoroughly engaging literary analysis, as well as challenging theological reflections, supplement exegetical notes addressing modern ethical questions and historical issues regarding origin.
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Product Description:

Staff Review: Genesis: A Commentary has all the earmarks of a first-rate work of scholarship. Sensitive to the Ancient Near Eastern context, literary genre and structure, contemporary lexical semantics, and the original language, Waltke's commentary not only meets expectations, but is written in an accessible and lucid way. A great strength of Waltke's approach is his recognition that Moses presents thematic history in Genesis; that is, Moses is not only a historian, but also a theologian of redemptive history. The author argues that the central theological paradigm that structures the book of Genesis is the kingdom of God. Although the term "kingdom of God" is not found in the Old Testament, "the concept informs the whole" and provides a unifying framework for understanding God's activity in covenant history. This commentary will make a fine addition to any theological library and will well serve any who are interested in probing deeply into the central theological message of Genesis. - Jeff Waddington, Former Westminster Bookstore Staff

Publisher Review:

The Gold Medallion winning commentary by one of the leading Old Testament evangelical scholars that explores Genesis with the academic integrity you expect from a conservative commentary, but in an approachable style that addresses the text as "theological literature."

This landmark commentary marshals the vast experience and brilliant insights of one of today's most revered Old Testament scholars. To those familiar with the work of Bruce K. Waltke, the significance and value of Genesis will be instantly apparent. Others who are unfamiliar with Waltke have only to read the first few chapters to understand why he has earned the reputation of a scholar's scholar, and why this masterful volume stands like a monolith among Old Testament commentaries.

Exploring the first book of the Bible as "theological literature," Waltke illuminates its meanings and methods for the pastor, scholar, teacher, student, and Bible-lover. Genesis strikes an unusual balance by emphasizing the theology of the Scripture text while also paying particular attention to the flow and development of the plot and literary techniques--inclusion, irony, chiasm, and concentric patterning--that shape the message of the "book of beginnings".

Genesis Models the way to read and interpret the narratives of the book of Genesis Provides helpful exegetical notes that address key issues and debates surrounding the text Includes theological reflections on how the message addresses our contemporary theological and social issues, such as ecology, homosexuality, temperance, evil, prayer, and obedience Addresses critical interpretive issues, such as authenticity, date, and authorship

For all the author's formidable intellect and meticulous research, Genesis is amazingly accessible. This is no mere study tool. Lucidly and eloquently written, it is a work of the heart that helps us not only to understand deeply God's Word in its context, but also to consider how it applies to us today.