Godliness Through Discipline
Godliness Through Discipline
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  • 25 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : in 1972

Godliness Through Discipline

Adams, Jay E.

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Here is a practical booklet for anyone who wants to become a more godly person. In it Jay Adams shows clearly that, while there is no such thing as instant godliness, genuine and lasting holiness is indeed possible. Beginning with Paul's instruction in 1 Timothy 4:7, "You must discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness," Adams explains how godly living can become second nature for the person who truly desires to be Christlike.

25 Pages
Published in 1972

Jay E. Adams is well known for his many books, including Competent to Counsel, Christian Living in the Home, and Solving Marriage Problems. He served for many years on the faculties of Westminster Theological Seminary in California, and founded the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Retired from the pastorate, Dr. Adams continues to write and speak on counseling and Chrisitian living issues.