God's Battle (Making Him Known)
God's Battle (Making Him Known)
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  • 128 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : October 2014

God's Battle (Making Him Known)

Michael, Sally

Teach your children perseverance in the face of the spiritual warfare waged against them. Equipping children with a framework for fighting in faith, this engaging, skillfully illustrated book is an interactive, age-appropriate and theologically rich introduction to the nature of our spiritual state.
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Parents work hard to protect their children from danger. But are we helping to guard them in the spiritual battle that already rages around them?Whether he consciously takes sides or not, every person is in the middle of spiritual warfare. None of us can choose to sit on the sidelines—and even our children are not exempt! So rather than trying to shield them from the very real war around them, why not equip them, as early as possible, to take an active role and fight back?

Sally Michael provides the framework for parents to train their children in the fight of faith. In this full-color, illustrated “battle plan,” she uses the gospel message to introduce children to the state of their hearts, then awakens them to the many battlegrounds that surround us—both from our own sinful hearts and from the enemy’s attacks.

She then encourages children to be fighters, giving them a biblical battle strategy to depend on God, resist the enemy, and stand strong!