God's Providence (Children Desiring God)
God's Providence (Children Desiring God)
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  • 128 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : April 2013

God's Providence (Children Desiring God)

Michael, Sally

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Westminster Bookstore Note: This book contains cartoon or artistic images of Jesus. There are many people in our constituency who, in a sincere effort to honor the second commandment, refrain from the use of any kind of drawings or pictures of Jesus, even if not intended for a worship context. Out of respect for those who take this position, we have sought to add a note to books in our children’s category which have drawings or depictions of Jesus so that they can factor that into their buying decisions, as they would if they could inspect the books physically.

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Publisher's Description

All parents want their children to feel secure. How reassuring would it be for your child to know that nothing is outside God's control? Every person, every circumstance, and every action is part of God's plan—a plan that works all things for the good of those who love him. This is God's providence, a doctrine that brings us joy even as it staggers our understanding.

Can a child grasp this important, encouraging truth? Sally Michael believes that a child who can embrace God's providence can rest in God's sovereign care, and she uses simple truths to help you explain God's providence to your children. She moves on to show children how God's providence applies to all of life and creation ... including themselves.

How many fears, worries, frustrations, and tears would be spared if your children truly understood and rested in the providence of God?