Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real with God about Sex
Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real with God about Sex
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  • 137 Pages
  • Publisher : New Growth Press
  • Publication Date : October 2014

Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real with God about Sex

Freeman, John

Find the hope and courage to stop hiding and to step out into the light, even when the prospect of exposure seems like nothing but shame and hopelessness. Through candid stories and clear, conversational prose, John Freeman encourages us to abandon our lives of secret sin and to live in the light the only way possible: by seeking open and intimate friendship with Christ.
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Let’s Talk (to God) About Sex.

Are you stuck in a never–ending cycle of defeat that fills you with shame, prevents you from leading your family well, getting involved in the church, and spending your time and money on the things that really matter? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by ending this cycle.

You are not powerless in the fight against pornography and lust. Hide or Seek won’t ask you to jump through a series of hoops; it will simply suggest one clear step forward. One step to reorient your heart toward God’s love for you. One step to take the energy out of the vicious cycle that keeps you from being the man God has called you to be, the man you want to be.

Discover how the gospel speaks in practical terms to the most private areas of your life and how God offers the freedom you desire. Hide or Seek is easy–to–read, full of real–life stories, and points you to the hope for change that many men have given up on finding.

Don’t settle for the cycle.

  • Designed for men who feel trapped by their sexual struggles but don’t yet perceive the need for transparency or accountability
  • Easy–to–read, full of real–life stories of ordinary men changed by the power of the gospel
  • Encourages honesty with its direct, conversational style
  • Connects the dots between men’s sexual struggles and issues in family life, church life, and the broader culture
  • Casts a vision for all that men stand to gain by fighting against lust and pornography
  • Speaks gospel hope into one of the critical, soul–destroying problems of our day