Hispanic Challenge: Opportunities Confronting the Church
Hispanic Challenge: Opportunities Confronting the Church
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  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press

Hispanic Challenge: Opportunities Confronting the Church

Ortiz, Manuel

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"The Sleeping Giant" is the fastest-growing minority group in the U.S.--the Histpanic community. Hispanics, especially Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Mexicans, are changing society and the church. As a second-generation Puerto Rican, born and reared in El Barrio of New York City, Manuel Ortiz knows first-hand what it is like to be a Hispanic in the U.S. As a sociologist, he recognizes the exciting potential for the future of the church--if leadership development is undertaken.

Oritz first explores the unique needs and concerns of Hispanics in the U.S. Then he turns to key missiological issues, including Protestant-Catholic relationships, justice, racial reconcilliation and ecclesiastical structures. Ortiz has interviewed numerous Hispanic leaders working in a variety of contexts and describes their models for ministry. Finally, the book focuses on leadership training and education, with a particular emphasis on developing second-generation leadership.

The sleeping giant must not be ignored. This is a book that will awaken awareness of the possibilities of the Hispanic church.