How Jesus Runs the Church
How Jesus Runs the Church
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  • 178 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : November 2011

How Jesus Runs the Church

Waters, Guy Prentiss

Devote yourself and the management of your church to the service of the Great King. In straightforward and accessible style, Guy Waters presents a compelling biblical argument for a Presbyterian form of church government. Critical to Christian discipleship, church government isn’t just for the brains on sticks, this is practical, biblical truth for shepherds and sheep alike.
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Publisher's Description

The government of the church is a visible expression of Jesus' reign. The church has been given responsibilities and privileges in scripture. How Jesus Runs the Church explores these.

Few books on church leadership explore the biblical foundations of church government. This one does—providing pastors, elders, students, and laypeople with a greater understanding of what the church is and how it should be governed.

Waters also examines the offices that Jesus has appointed in the church and investigates how elders in particular are to serve her.