Interpreting Isaiah: Issues and Approaches
Interpreting Isaiah: Issues and Approaches
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  • 272 Pages
  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date : September 2009

Interpreting Isaiah: Issues and Approaches

Firth, David; Williamson, H.G.M.

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Ever since the first century, Christians have regarded Isaiah as a high point in the Old Testament prophetic literature. Its themes of messiah and suffering servant, deliverance from exile and new creation--to name a few--have been viewed as reaching particular fulfillment in the gospel. Then too, the impact of Isaiah on the church's language of worship and hymnology, and on the Western tradition of art and literature, is beyond measure. The book of Isaiah has also received more than its fair share of scholarly examination, with various theories of its origin and composition proposed.

Originating in a 2008 Tyndale Fellowship conference on Isaiah, Interpreting Isaiah presents some of the most significant evangelical scholarship on Isaiah today. Essays on recent scholarship and the theology of Isaiah offer valuable overviews that bring readers abreast of current understanding. And more sharply focused studies in particular Isaianic themes and texts explore issues and exercise methodologies that will interest and reward diligent teachers and preachers of the Old Testament.

272 Pages
Published September 2009