James: Faith That Works (Preaching the Word)
James: Faith That Works (Preaching the Word)
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  • 304 Pages
  • Publisher : Crossway/Good News Publishers
  • Publication Date : September 2015

James: Faith That Works (Preaching the Word)

Hughes, R. K.ent

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One of the most practical books in the New Testament, the book of James is a call to action. This epistle focuses on the outworking of the Christian life, pointing us to the necessary relationship between faith and works. In a world of trials, temptation, conflict, and conceit, James urges us to demonstrate our faith through the way we live.

Pastor Kent Hughes walks readers through what James has to teach us about persevering through suffering, taming the tongue, recognizing true wisdom, and living out the Word of God. With relevant discussions and practical applications, this commentary will help anyone teaching or studying the letter of James understand a crucial truth about genuine faith: it always produces good works.