Jonah & Micah (Reformed Expository Commentary)
Jonah & Micah (Reformed Expository Commentary)
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  • 432 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : June 2010

Jonah & Micah (Reformed Expository Commentary)

Phillips, Richard D.

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Jonah is a figure of such contemporary features that he could walk out of one of our churches. Moreover, Jonah reminds us that the chief characteristic of redeemed people is not that they never sin, for sadly we still do, but that they are ready to repent of their sin when reminded of God’s grace.

The prophet Micah lived several generations later than Jonah. Whereas God called Jonah to cry out to the wicked idolaters in Nineveh, he called Micah to cry out against the wicked sinners of Jerusalem. Unlike the earlier prophet, who wrestled against God’s gospel message for pagan unbelievers, Micah was brokenhearted in his fervent desire for Jerusalem to repent and believe.