Judges-Ruth (New American Commentary)
Judges-Ruth (New American Commentary)
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  • Publisher : Broadman and Holman Publishers

Judges-Ruth (New American Commentary)

Block, Daniel I.

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“Evangelical. Best commentary on Judges of any type out there. Dan Block's new commentary on Judges demonstrates scrupulous attention to detail, explaining the historical, political, and sociological background to the various issues in the text. It is also remarkably well written and well argued. I stand in awe of the magnitude of what he has accomplished. His work is most impressive. His theological and practical implications sections are pithy, helpful, and flow from the text leading up to his conclusions. It is not going too far to say that this commentary is a landmark achievement for the scholarly study of Judges. I commend this work as the commentary to read on the Book of Judges"
J. Alan Groves, Former Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary and executive director of the Westminster Hebrew Institute

“One of the late Professor Groves favorite commentaries. Among Judges commentaries, Block's volume is unmatched.”
Matthew Harmon, Westminster Bookstore Staff, August 2007