Lessons on Liberty: A Primer for Young Patriots
Lessons on Liberty: A Primer for Young Patriots
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  • 79 Pages
  • Publisher : Providence Forum Press
  • Publication Date : July 2008

Lessons on Liberty: A Primer for Young Patriots

Lillback, Peter A.; Mitchell, Judy

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Listen to a message by Peter Lillback entitled Proclaiming Liberty Throughout the Land. (Proclaiming the Word)

Lessons on Liberty began with an engaging alphabet poem by author Peter Lillback and his avid interest in and study of our nation's early history and flags. He reasoned, "what better way to continue to instruct young minds in our country's rich heritage than to punctuate these two with a definition of a key word from his poem and corresponding quotes from the Bible and Poor Richard's Almanack?"

To knit these elements together, coauthor and illustrator Judy Mitchell researched and created the facing pages. Believing the premise that history can be fascinating and fun, the authors followed paths that piqued their own curiosity, and they are sure this gem will excite the imaginations of readers young and old!

Designed for all ages and packed with colorful illustrations, this entertaining and educational hardcover book uses a simple alphabet poem to guide the reader through the fundamental principles of American liberty. Incorporating early 19th century dictionary definitions and enhanced graphics, Bible quotations and Poor Richard's Almanack, this engaging book adds powerful historic quotes, surprising facts, and truths about our nation's founding to excite young and old about our country - this beacon of liberty for the world. Included also are activity pages to further teach young scholars with a hands-on approach – perforated for easy tear-out, these pages may be reproduced on a copier for group use. James Madison once declared, "The diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." Whether in your family, or in a public, Christian or home school setting, please join us in striving to preserve our unparalleled heritage of freedom for future generations by introducing them to these timeless truths.

On every other page of this book is a symbol of the history which that letter represents, along with an historically appropriate flag. As an early form of mass communication, flags served as public symbols of national aspirations as well as military signals. Some of the flag designs that are depicted in this book were lost to history and are here rediscovered for the first time.

Additional elements include a definition drawn from Noah Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language, produced during the years when the American home, church and school cooperated on a biblical and patriotic basis.

Enhancing these definitions are two of the greatest essential early American educational tools: the Bible and Poor Richard's Almanack. In general, this book is highly reminiscent of The New England Primer, the first widely used American textbook for children. Throughout the book the reader of any age will learn, through powerful quotes and surprising facts, truths about our nation's founding.

Finally, activity pages are included to give young scholars a hands-on opportunity for learning. Perforated for easy tear-out, these pages may be reproduced for families, as well as for larger groups or classes on a copier.

79 Pages
Published July 2008

About the Author

Peter A. Lillback is president of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He also serves as the president of The Providence Forum. Previously he served as pastor of Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, PA.