Let's Study Ephesians (Let's Study Series)
Let's Study Ephesians (Let's Study Series)
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  • 224 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : August 2005

Let's Study Ephesians (Let's Study Series)

Ferguson, Sinclair B.

Read and understand how the church has survived and thrived when marginalized in a pluralistic culture intolerant of the gospel. A versatile commentary concerned with how the text impacts our day to day lives. Ideal for personal study and family devotions
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If Romans is, humanly speaking, the most impressive of Paul’s letters, then Ephesians is probably the most elegant. In its opening doxology blessings cascade down upon the reader. In its closing verses the smell of the battlefield lies heavily in the air and through the smoke of war we see Christians, fully clad in the armour of spiritual warfare, still standing. From beginning to end Ephesians sets before us the wonder of God’s grace, the privilege of belonging to the church, and the pattern of life-transformation the gospel produces.

In Let’s Study Ephesians Sinclair Ferguson skillfully leads us through this wonderful letter, explaining its teaching with masterful simplicity and showing its importance and relevance to the church today.