Living God&rsquos Story of Grace [Living Story] (Spiral)
Living God&rsquos Story of Grace [Living Story] (Spiral)
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Living God&rsquos Story of Grace [Living Story] (Spiral)

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We know that God’s grand narrative encompasses everything and everyone and that our own individual stories have a place in it. We believe, but often we have a hard time living our place in this great story. Though we know God is at work bringing us redemption and peace, we often doubt that he will truly rescue or comfort us in our day–to–day struggles.

When this happens, when we live in fear rather than faithfulness, we try to take matters into our own hands and bring about the endings to our stories that we want. So what do we do when we start trusting and waiting in our own faithfulness instead of God’s?

This encouraging, vital study of the redemption stories in Scripture helps us to reflect on the stories in our own lives and surrender our trust back to the One to whom it belongs. Each chapter focuses on a Scripture passage and is broken into four main sections to aid your individual study and encore rich group conversations.

If you have already learned God’s story of grace, find out what it means to live in his story in faith and hope.