Matthew: Evangelist and Teacher
Matthew: Evangelist and Teacher
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  • 346 Pages
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock
  • Publication Date : October 2004

Matthew: Evangelist and Teacher

France, R. T.

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This work by R.T. France is not intended to be a guide to all that has been written in recent years about Matthew. Rather, it is an extended introduction to Matthew designed for a non-specialist readership. France concentrates on those areas he finds most interesting and important for the appreciation of Matthew, but he does touch on most major areas of discussion in Matthean studies.

Among other things, France covers Matthew's place in the life of the church, the order of the Gospels, Matthew in the post-apostolic church, reasons for Matthew's preeminence, Matthew in the modern church, and literary relationships and the order of composition of the Gospels.