New Testament Introduction (Revised)
New Testament Introduction (Revised)
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  • 1161 Pages
  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date : April 2015

New Testament Introduction (Revised)

Guthrie, Donald

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Donald Guthrie's New Testament Introduction has established itself as the benchmark evangelical introduction to the New Testament since its first publication in 1971 and its revised edition decades later. With the most updated version now available in paperback, this widely acclaimed reference work provides a fixed point for surveying the terrain of the New Testament and its interpreters.

A careful recasting of a benchmark evangelical work, New Testament Introduction provides a fixed point for surveying the books of the New Testament. Noting the issues raised by decades of biblical scholarship, Guthrie engages the issues of authorship and authenticity, purpose and structure, historical context and cultural setting. In these discussions, as well as in the notes and bibliographies, he draws on a wealth of recent scholarly research which gives added value to this classic resource.