Pastoral Theology in the Classical Tradition
Pastoral Theology in the Classical Tradition
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  • 144 Pages
  • Publisher : Presbyterian Publishing, Inc.
  • Publication Date : November 2001

Pastoral Theology in the Classical Tradition

Purves, Andrew

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Modern pastoral care, Andrew Purves believes, has been overly influenced by psychological theory and too often uninformed by historical practice. The result is a pastoral practice that has diminished the reality of God. In this book, Purves aims to reclaim pastoral theology as a theological discipline. He does this by examining classical texts from the tradition, texts that have enduring worth, and he argues that a thoughtful reading of these works—by Gregory of Nazianzus, John Chrysostom, Gregory the Great, Martin Bucer, and Richard Baxter—will force a reevaluation of many of the assumptions that shape contemporary pastoral work. He includes a brief biography of each author, introduces the major themes in each writer's theology, and discusses the issues relevant to pastoral work today.