Paul's Two-Age Construction and Apologetics
Paul's Two-Age Construction and Apologetics
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Paul's Two-Age Construction and Apologetics

Dennison, William D.

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Listen to an episode of Christ the Center entitled Paul’s Two-Age Construction and Apologetics. (Reformed Forum)

"A revised version of Dennison's TM. M. thesis in Apologetics directed by Harvie Conn and presented to the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (1985). The volume, which is dedicated to Cornelius Van Til, argues that Paul (incorporating the Vos-Ridderbos-Gaffin model of interpreting the Apostle) used the eschatological two-age construction as the framework for a Christian apologetic. After surveying Plato's writings and Jewish apocalyptic literature as background to discussing the topic, it analyzes Paul's formulation of the two-age construction, considers antithetical wisdom in I Corinthians 1-3, and reflects upon the apologetic significance of the two ages in the context of the writings of the Apostle Paul, Vos, and Van Til."