Philippians (IVP New Testament Commentary)
Philippians (IVP New Testament Commentary)
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  • 204 Pages
  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date : June 2010

Philippians (IVP New Testament Commentary)

Fee, Gordon D.

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Nothing cripples a church's effectiveness like internal strife. In Philippi, Paul addressed a congregation whose private struggles were compounded by opposition and suffering from without. Paul's strategy was to write them a letter of friendship and moral exhortation, reminding them of their "partnership in the gospel," their mutual suffering for the cause of Christ, and their need to "stand firm in one spirit." His approach and counsel can serve us well today.

In this warm study of Philippians by Gordon Fee, you will discover what this letter meant for its original hearers as well as what it means to us today.