Plan of Salvation
Plan of Salvation
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  • 114 Pages
  • Publisher : Simpson Publishing
  • Publication Date : 1989, Reprint 1997

Plan of Salvation

Warfield, B. B.

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From the Forward: These lectures by Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield offer a lucid and penetrating analysis of God’s plan of salvation from sin. They form a valuable companion to a systematic study of the scriptural witness to God’s plan of salvation.

In this book Dr. Warfield identifies the crucial questions associated with God’s plan of salvation. He gives a shattering critique of the most dangerous answers that men have devised to those questions. He also exposes the injury to men’s souls and the affront to God’s glory which must necessarily result from those errors. Herein lies the enduring value of this work.

114 Pages
Published 1989, Reprint 1997 (First edition published 1915)