Preaching and Biblical Theology
Preaching and Biblical Theology
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  • 126 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : 2002

Preaching and Biblical Theology

Clowney, Edmund P.

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Some think of biblical theology as an academic discipline. To author Edmund P. Clowney it is "a labor of worship." He writes, "A decade in the pastorate brought on me a dawning conviction that the biblical-theological approach of the seminary classroom was excitingly rich for the pulpit ministry."

In this classic volume Clowney explains biblical theology and relates it to the following:

  • The authority of preaching
  • The perspective and character of preaching
  • The content of preaching

"Our proclamation is at the end of the age and to the ends of the world," writes Clowney. "It requires joyful boldness as well as desperate urgency. The richness of the message is its focus on Jesus Christ. Biblical theology presents the Christ of the Scriptures, and the depth of religious experience which responds in faith to him."