Presbytopia: What It Means to Be Presbyterian
Presbytopia: What It Means to Be Presbyterian
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  • 144 Pages
  • Publisher : Christian Focus
  • Publication Date : April 2016

Presbytopia: What It Means to Be Presbyterian

Golden, Ken

What is a Presbyterian anyway? This succinct, easy to understand overview of reformed doctrine and practice was written as an introduction to membership in a Presbyterian church. Walks readers through Christian Essentials, Reformed Distinctives and the Means of Grace. Recommended for membership classes and the just plain curious.
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When people visit churches, they come with questions. What do you believe about the Bible? How are you different from the church down the street? Why should I become a member of a Presbyterian Church? These are important questions, and questions that sometimes presbyterians don't even know the answer to! Ken Golden considers the distinctives of being a presbyterian, the basis for making a profession of faith and the role of the church as a means of grace.