Prophecy and the Church
Prophecy and the Church
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  • 352 Pages
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock
  • Publication Date : August 2001

Prophecy and the Church

Allis, Oswald T.

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For a number of years it was the difficult yet delightful task of the author to interpret the Prophetical Books of the Old Testament to successive classes of theological students. This made it necessary for him to make a decision of the utmost importance. Should he, in accordance with the time-tested belief of the Church, instruct his students that the kingdom prophecies of the Old Testament Church have their fulfillment in large measure in the New Testament Church? Or, should he follow the relatively new and decidedly revolutionary teaching commonly called Dispensationalism and declare that these prophecies "skip over" the Church age and will be literally fulfilled in a Jewish kingdom age which will follow it? These were the alternatives between which he found himself obliged to choose. His decision and the reason for it are set forth in this volume.