Quest for Hope in the Slum Community
Quest for Hope in the Slum Community
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  • 512 Pages
  • Publisher : Biblica
  • Publication Date : August 2005

Quest for Hope in the Slum Community

Bessenecker, Scott

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Humanity has existed on earth for thousands of years, yet we are just now beginning to experience a kind of community that has never before existed—the slum community. As the number of slum communities and those living in them continue to rise at an alarming rate, Christians need to examine their role in sharing the hope, joy, healing, and servanthood of Christ to those in despair. Quest for Hope in the Slum Community is a collection of the diverse dialog that exists in the area of urban transformation. Everything from housing to street children along with a healthy collection of articles around a theology of urban poverty is addressed. This material is designed to stimulate the imagination of those exploring the question of how to address with compassion and conviction the stark realities of urban poverty.

512 Pages
Published August 2005

About the Author

As Director of Global Projects for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1990, Scott Bessenecker helps to send more than 500 university students each on dozens of projects around the world. In 2001 he began a series of projects designed to place students in slum communities in order to encounter Christ among the poor. He has written for Evangelicals for Social Action's Prism magazine, Student Leadership Journal and a number of other publications. Scott holds a BA in Business Administration from Iowa State University and a Masters in International Development from William Carey International University. Scott is married with three children.