Redeeming Science: God-Centered Approach
Redeeming Science: God-Centered Approach
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  • 384 Pages
  • Publisher : Crossway/Good News Publishers
  • Publication Date : October 2006

Redeeming Science: God-Centered Approach

Poythress, Vern S.

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Listen to an episode of Reformed Forum entitled Redeeming Science.

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Many people think science is antagonistic to Christian belief. Science, it is said, shows that the universe is billions of years old, while the Bible says it is only thousands of years old. And some claim that science shows supernatural miracles are impossible. These and other points of contention cause some Christians to view science as a threat to their beliefs.

Redeeming Science attempts to kindle our appreciation for science as it ought to be—science that could serve as a path for praising God and serving fellow human beings. Through examining the wonderfully complex and immutable laws of nature, author Vern Poythress explains, we ought to recognize the wisdom, care, and beauty of God. A Christian worldview restores a true response to science, where we praise the God who created nature and cares for it.

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