Repentance and Forgiveness Bundle (NSBT)
Repentance and Forgiveness Bundle (NSBT)
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Repentance and Forgiveness Bundle (NSBT)

Various; ed. Carson, D.A.

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These four NSBT’s examine the doctrines of forgiveness, repentance.  Peter Bolt uses the Gospel of Mark’s teaching of forgiveness through the atonement, and how to preach this message to a contemporary world. Michael Morales explores the narrative context, literary structure and theology of Leviticus.  Asking the question how it is possible through atonement to come to God, showing how life with God in the house of God was the original goal of Creation. Now, it is the goal of redemption and the new creation.  Graham A. Cole examines how the broken creation is made whole by the incarnation, atonement on the cross and the resurrection. This brokenness needs to regain peace with God and with one another. Atonement brings shalom by defeating the enemies of peace.  The peace that atonement brings ranges from the forgiveness of sins for the individual to adoption into the family of God.  Mark Boda helps us to understand that we are far away from God and what we need to return to Him is repentance.  Repentance is fundamentally a return to intimate fellowship with the Triune God. This relational return arises from the human heart and impacts attitudes, words and actions.

Included in this bundle:

The Cross from a Distance

cross from a distance


Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?

who shall ascend the mountain of the lord


God the Peacemaker

god the peacemaker


'Return To Me'

return to me